The Importance of Baton, Handcuff and OC Spray Training for Security Professionals

Security Training Center of Chicago offers a 4-hour handcuffing, baton & OC/pepper spray class. Why is it important for security and law enforcement personnel to consider these things?

Handcuff Training

Handcuff training helps a person understand (and practice) how to properly handcuff another person such that the cuffs aren’t too tight (which could injure the person) or too loose (allowing them to escape). Basically, it’s important to figure out how to cuff a person to restrict them while also making sure the cuffs are both secure and comfortable. 

Baton Training

Batons can be helpful when a person needs a weapon that’s fast to access and can be used to engage someone who is threatening or assaulting others at extremely close range– closer than 10 feet. There are different types of batons available these days including straight sticks and expandable ones. Baton training help a person become familiar with holstering the weapon, accessing it, and, of course, using it effectively. 

Pepper Spray Training

Pepper spray, also known as oleoresin capsicum (OC), can be used for crowd/riot control as well as self-defense. The spray, based on the resin of one of the hottest peppers in the world, irritates people’s eyes, causing tears and pain. When you train on how to use it, you’ll experience it for yourself so you’ll have first-hand experience on how effective it is! Furthermore, you’ll learn how to subdue your subject without the spray getting in your eyes– you don’t want a cross-contamination situation. Like batons, pepper spray is a non-lethal self-defense option that can keep you safe from harm on the job since it gives you some control over an assailant. 

Handcuff, Baton and Pepper Spray Training in Chicago

If you’re currently unfamiliar with handcuffs, batons and pepper spray, now’s a great time to take the Security Training Center class covering these three things in detail. Go to this page to register for the next available class.

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