Professional Security Training Classes In Illinois

Choose from a range of classes for both civilians and security personnel. Our training facility is designed to sharpen your skills and prepare you for success in the security industry.

Become a certified security professional

Open new career opportunities

Keep your family and community safe

Security Training Center Classes

Unarmed State Security Certification (20 Hours)

Learn the basics of security and become a state-certified unarmed security officer with this 20-hour course. Perfect for those looking to join the ranks of security guards in Illinois.

Armed/Unarmed State Security Certification (40 Hours)

This class is ideal for those seeking to be a professional security officer in Illinois, offering the best training to become licensed as both an unarmed or armed guard.

Armed Security Certification (20 Hours)

Complete our 20-hour armed security certification course, highly recommended for those seeking to become armed security officers. Successful completion grants a license to carry firearms.

Concealed Carry Firearm Renewal

Keep your concealed carry class certification up-to-date with our renewal class. This course is essential for those carrying concealed weapons in order to comply with Illinois concealed carry class requirements.

Illinois Concealed Carry License

Get your concealed carry license in Illinois. Stay prepared to protect your family and those you love in any situation.

Handcuffing, Baton, And OC Pepper Spray

Gain the skills needed to handle batons, pepper spray, and handcuffs effectively. This comprehensive course teaches the effective, legal, and safe use of non-lethal control tools.

Re-Qualifications For Security Professionals

Stay certified and up-to-date with our re-qualifications class, which covers all security guard training requirements needed to maintain your professional standing.

Shotgun And Rifle For Security Professionals

Expand your armed security training with a certification to carry rifles and shotguns. This course focuses on the appropriate use and safety of these weapons.

Basic First Aid CPR And AED Certification

Get certified to perform CPR and use an AED from experts with real-world law enforcement and military experience.

AXON Taser Training

Learn how to use a taser by AXON certified instructors. This class is for civilians and security professionals alike.