Don’t Overlook Training When Trying to Become a Security Guard

What does it take to become a reliable security guard? Training is paramount– a good guard has received ample and thorough training.

First, there’s the issue of physical training for the job. It helps to be physically fit when you’re a security guard, since you’ll probably do a lot of standing, walking and, perhaps, the pursuit of people you need to confront. So, with that in mind, a security guard trains his or her body to be ready for action. This can include practicing exercises that help train a person how to better jump, climb and run. If there’s an emergency, a guard may have to “spring into action.” Therefore, physical training matters.

Next, there’s the issue of skills. A guard needs to be trained regarding various skills needed to do the job effectively. Some of the skills he or she works on include communication skills, reporting skills (writing reports), computer usage, and, of course, learning security technologies germane to the job. It helps if a person cares about punctuality, honesty and discipline.

Thirdly, there’s the issue of unarmed training, which involves learning how to handle difficult people and situations without a weapon on hand. For this, a guard may need to learn fighting techniques and how to subdue someone who is acting outrageously. They may practice with a partner, covering different situations and how to act/react. How can they defend themselves if attacked? These are important lessons to learn.

Finally, there’s the issue of armed training, which involves using weapons and ammunition in a safe and smart way. Typically, to carry weapons, a guard needs to be properly licensed.

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