The Importance of Security Guards Taking Taser Training Classes

So, if you hire a security guard, what can they use to stop someone in their tracks? Yes, they could use a handgun that shoots bullets, but that’s pretty extreme. What about using a TASER? This is a “stun gun,” first developed in the 1970s, that is a less-lethal alternative compared to traditional firearms. It serves its purpose well– to stop a potential criminal from moving so they can be apprehended and dealt with!

TASER Training Classes in Chicago, IL

Do security guards need TASER training? Most should consider it because it offers the knowledge regarding how to properly use a TASER (if ever needed) and that knowledge comes in handy in difficult/dangerous situations.

Now a TASER that’s improperly used can cause a person serious injury or even death. Therefore, it makes sense to receive some professional TASER training before ever using one in the line of duty. It’s also a good idea to learn all the rules associated with TASERs. For instance, there are state laws regarding TASER use and they should be known, obviously.

When a security guard is properly trained to use a TASER, they learn about the history of the stun gun, its safe and proper usage and how it can be utilized in modern times for certain purposes. As an electroshock weapon, a TASER has power over a person– disrupting their control of their muscles, and ultimately incapacitating them. Anytime a person shoots a TASER there’s a chance for problems or issues so they shouldn’t be doing so haphazardly– there is a time and purpose to actually use one versus not using one. Training can teach that! 

TASER training typically includes listening to a lecturer, watching a demonstration or two and then scenario training. Security guards might find themselves in a position where they need to apprehend someone and/or protect themselves from harm, so TASER training is a good idea.

Where in Chicago can you go for TASER training? The Security Training Center, located at 10922 S. Western Ave., is the place for TASER training in Chicago, Illinois. For more info about upcoming TASER classes, call 773-445-4413.

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