There Is an Increased Demand for Armed Guards Due to a Rise in Crime

In today’s rapidly changing environment, the unfortunate reality is that the demand for security is on the rise. This increased demand is notably due to the escalation in crime rates across various regions, making the role of an armed guard ever more crucial. For example, a Walgreens out west is going to great lengths to combat the fact they’re targeted by shoplifters about 20 times a day.

 For businesses, institutions, and private entities, the peace of mind that comes with well-trained, armed security personnel has become a priority. It’s an investment in safeguarding not just assets, but also employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Security Training Center™, based in Chicago, IL, has recognized this growing need and is proud to be at the forefront of equipping the next generation of armed security officers with the requisite skills and knowledge to keep individuals and businesses safe. With over 35 years of experience and a notable track record of training countless security professionals, our institution helps our students become better security officers.

But what makes Security Training Center stand out?

Expertise and Credibility: Established in 1985, our legacy is built on the best industry practices. From basic courses for those starting out to advanced classes for seasoned professionals, our curriculum covers a broad spectrum, ensuring that every student gets the most out of their training.

Comprehensive Courses: Among our roster of classes, we offer the Illinois concealed carry class, shotgun and rifle class, and even job assistance programs. For those already in the profession, the 8-hour state-required refresher course and 4-hour use of force and arrest procedures course ensure that security personnel stay updated with the latest in security protocol and practice.

User-friendly Pre-registration Process: We value the importance of organized and planned training. As such, students must pre-register for their desired class. This process can be easily done via our website. However, it’s essential to remember that walk-in students are not accepted on the day a class begins, so do ensure you register at least three days ahead of your chosen course.

Continuous learning is vital in the security industry. It’s not merely about personal safety and job efficacy, but also about being an attractive candidate in a competitive job market. As crime rates rise, so does the need for exceptionally trained professionals who can handle these challenging situations with confidence and authority.

For businesses looking to bolster their security, investing in guards trained by Security Training Center is an assurance of quality. Our graduates are more than just guards; they’re professionals, trained to handle any situation with tact, precision, and resolve.

Check out our upcoming classes and contact us with any questions.

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