How to Crush Your Security Guard Interview

The Security Training Center of Chicago has helped many security guards learn all about different aspects of security so that they can be the best guards they can be. When it comes to interviewing for a security guard job, what are some tips to do well at your interview? Here are some…

First, show the interviewer you know your stuff. Let them know that you know and understand the basics. Be ready to tell them what assets you bring to the table, including any specialties. For instance, something like knowing other languages can set you apart from other candidates. Maybe they need someone who speaks both English and Spanish, and the fact that you’re fluent in both could help you get the job. Or they want someone who has already taken and passed the handcuffing, baton and pepper spray class. Not only should you show interviewers that you know the basics, but then share with them any “extras” that help boost you in their eyes.

Next, before you go to the actual interview, do your research. Act like a detective in order to find out as much information about the company as possible. What do they do? Who do they serve? What are they specifically looking for? Maybe you could ask someone who already works there for some advice. Or you can check online reviews and such. The more you know about your potential future employer, the better prepared you’ll be to ace the interview.

Thirdly, dress up and look good. First impressions matter. Rather than just wearing jeans and a t-shirt and sneakers, dress a little more formally for the interview. This shows that you made an effort to look good for it– that you wanted to be professional and presentable. Get a haircut beforehand. Trim up your facial hair if you have any… Little attention-to-hygiene things matter!

Also, prepare for trick questions and difficult questions so you’re not caught “off guard.” Have someone “quiz” you with various questions you think they might ask before you ever step into an office to be officially interviewed.

Finally, be humble. Interviewers look for teachable people– those who can grow into their position. Show that you have a growth mindset. 

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