Improve Your Career Outlook By Becoming a Certified Armed Security Guard

Are you currently an unarmed security guard? Why should you become certified to become an armed guard?

If there’s a pecking order among guards, armed guards are above unarmed guards because they have more training and they can carry a weapon on their person. That gives them more power, authority, and prestige.

In general, most unarmed guards choose to train to become armed guards because they want higher pay. Those who carry guns typically make more money than those who do not, and that’s because those with guns have more responsibility– after all, carrying and handling a firearm is serious business and you wouldn’t want just anyone to have and use a gun, right? Carrying a weapon also opens up more job opportunities for guards.

People respect guards who carry guns. They also actually tend to feel more at ease around guards with guns because they understand that those guards can end a conflict with a gunshot if it comes down to that! Armed guards have an air of authority in a world of chaos, so people tend to look up to them as their protector(s). Who would you rather have protecting you or your kids? An unarmed guard or an armed one?

Do you want to be certified to be an armed guard? In the Chicago area, you can take training classes at Security Training Center. Those 21 years of age or older can take our 20 hour armed state security certification class (after having completed the 20 hour unarmed certification first) in order to get certified. You can choose from weekday or weekend classes, and fees include range fees, ammo, and firearm rental. You can also choose to add semi auto certification to your coursework for an additional fee. Conceal & Carry courses are also available. Please call Security Training Center of Chicago, Illinois, at 773-445-4413 for more information or use the contact page here.

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