Looking for a Second Job? Consider a Career in Security

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Security Training Center of Chicago can help you train to become a security officer or guard. If you’re looking for a “second job” to supplement your income, becoming a security officer or guard is a great way to make money while also making the world a better, safer place.

 Why take on a “second job” as a security guard? Well, do you like having a flexible work schedule or predictable hours? Usually, you can be scheduled in a way that you’re happy with your working hours.

 Do you like being physically fit? Oftentimes, guards get “a lot of steps in daily,” with all the walking they do on the job. Do you like working outside? Some people do, while others don’t. There are security jobs where you could be working all day outside and if that’s the kind of thing you’d like, great! Do you like to interact with others? Security guards get asked questions all the time. It tends to be a “people person” job where friendliness and tact help make for a better day for both the guard and the people he or she talks with during their shift. These are just some things that make being a security guard a good second job to consider!

In a world where more and more violence surrounds us, it’s a noble thing to be a security officer or guard these days. It’s the kind of job that helps people– helps them feel safer and more protected from all sorts of problems. If a little kid gets lost, they can ask a security officer for help. If someone needs directions to get to their destination, they typically ask the guard on duty. And if there are issues like fires, thefts, etc., guards can take action to ensure the safety of people and property.

Gain personal satisfaction from helping people and making a positive difference in their lives. Work as part of a team. Enjoy flexible work environments and hours as a security officer or guard. Receive proper training at Security Training Center of Chicago! Call 773-445-4413 for information or visit this page.

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