Reasons to Take a Handcuffing Class

If you’re a security officer, you should know about the proper use of restraint/control devices such as handcuffs, batons and pepper spray. These devices can help protect an officer from harm as well as protect the officer’s company from civil action.

Do you just automatically know how to use handcuffs? No. You need some training and instruction. Do you know about the proper care of people taken into custody? What’s “speed cuffing,” and does it work in real life? What are “soft restraints” and when should they be used? Have you heard of Sudden In Custody Death Syndrome or Excited Delirium? What if the person you’re trying to handcuff is violent and shows unexpected strength? It’s not always easy to “just handcuff” a person. How should you handle intense situations? There are so many things to learn about handcuffing and more.

If and when you have to handcuff someone, you don’t want to get hurt and you, ideally, don’t want them hurt either… so the training class will help you understand how to properly control suspects without injury to yourself or them. You’ll also learn about field search techniques of males and females.

Security Training Center of Chicago offers a handcuffing, baton and pepper spray class that lasts 4 hours on a Saturday morning (9am to 1pm, 5 student minimum) and will get you three certificates after you complete the class. Officers can also bundle the class with the 40 hour state certification, which includes a CCL Class and personalized weapon/maintenance training where you’ll learn about drawing a weapon from a holster, clearing a jam or misfire, and understanding firearm assembly. The more training you receive as an officer, the better you can do your job. 

Call Security Training Center of Chicago, IL, at 773-445-4413 for more information and/or to register for classes. 

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