Should Security Guards Work for Multiple Places?

From the standpoint of a guard, it might make sense to be employed by more than one company for various reasons. Maybe it’s for “extra hours” such that a person can work more than 40 hours a week and make more money. Or perhaps the one company doesn’t have enough hours to give, so it makes sense to work for two, in order to get “enough hours” per week to make enough money to live well. So, sometimes guards work for more than one company for financial security.

More Jobs Mean More Experiences

Sometimes guards work for more than one company because they appreciate the diversity that the two or more jobs offer. For instance, being a security guard at a concert means they get to hear songs they like while guarding performers, and this is a “once in a while” job, while they have their “bread-and-butter” job at the jewelry store five days a week from 9 to 5.

Are there reasons not to work for more than one company? Sure– it can make life more difficult when it comes to scheduling– what if one company wants the guard at the same time the other company insists they be available? This can lead to feelings of disloyalty and frustration. Guards could also have to deal with keeping track of the different company’s policies and rules, and sometimes make mistakes. What if one company doesn’t want the other company knowing their trade secrets? It can get awkward.

If you’re a guard working for more than one company, it’s harder to get promoted at one job since you’re probably not fully invested in any one job. A company will probably choose the hardest worker who puts the time and energy into their job compared to a part-timer who only works a couple hours per week.

It’s up to guards to choose what they want to do– most guards stick with one company at a time, though some choose two or more.

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