The Importance of Security Personnel Being Properly Trained

What can happen when security personnel aren’t properly trained? Bad things, of course. Security personnel who aren’t properly trained could end up hurting customers, patients, citizens or themselves, despite having the best intentions.

In this day and age, it’s essential that security personnel are properly trained. We live in a world where they need to expect the unexpected. In a way, security personnel have to be ready to notice everything around them and question things, now more than ever.

It can be dangerous if a security company lets its officers fall into such a routine that they become less productive. All security personnel need to learn new things often, because we live in a changing world. Threats change. Criminals change. People change. The times change. Things change. We didn’t have “vaping e-cigarettes” years ago… and we didn’t have smartphones… and the list of new items that could be used to hurt people seems to grow and grow with every passing year. Security personnel need to not only be on top of societal changes, but they ideally need to be “ahead of the game.” And proper training is what makes the difference.

Security personnel, if they’re to be successful, need to be more than just warm bodies standing around or sitting at a desk. They need to know what to do in any number of situations– even the odd, unexpected ones. They need to know who to call for backup if needed– and when, too. If they’re guarding a certain area, they have to be intimately familiar with it– trained to know the “ins and outs” of an area so they can truly guard it. Information is power, and since security personnel are often the first person to respond to incident, you want them well prepared and trained.

Knowledge, skills and even instincts are all important aspects of security personnel training. From gun handling to shooting, and then some, security personnel should always learn more than they actually need to know/use daily– that way, when really bad things happen that are out of the ordinary, they can feel confident to handle the situation in “the right way.” Proper training is crucial! People’s lives are at stake.

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