The Importance of Taking Refresher Courses

In the world of security, things change. Therefore, it makes sense to take refresher courses to stay “current.” 

Over time, it’s easy to forget things. Our brains take in a lot of information. Some of it we use daily, while other facts and ideas get put “in the back of the brain,” rarely thought of, especially if not needed.

If you deal with firearms and/or work in the security field, there’s always something new to learn. Therefore, refresher courses can be beneficial in keeping you up-to-date on new techniques, technology, weapons, rules and requirements. 

Refresher courses help build long-term memory. They can help you make fewer mistakes while improving your overall productivity. And when everyone takes similar courses, then they’re all “on the same page” and can talk about things they have in common. Imagine if someone you work with last took a class in 1999… It’s 2020– things have changed! 

Refresher courses will help security personnel become familiar with current rules, regulations and requirements. These courses also showcase the latest trends in the field, including information on new technology, tools and ideas of how things are done. While a person may be somewhat familiar with a subject, refresher courses often give them new and helpful information that ultimately makes them better at their job. 

Security Training Center of Chicago offers an 8-hour refresher course for only $45. The course is generally offered Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 5pm. How much do you know about handcuffing, batons, pepper spray, pistols, shotguns, rifles, “concealed carry” and other security-related topics? Perhaps it’s time to “catch up” on the latest industry trends and learn about some new stuff you’ve never heard of before. 

Do you want to take the refresher course? Call Security Training Center at 773-445-4413 for more information. Security Training Center is located at 10922 S. Western Ave., in Chicago, Illinois. 

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