Use of Force Training For Security Guards

Security guards learn about the use of force stages which are guidelines as to how much force may be used against a resisting subject in a given situation.

There are different stages. It starts with a security guard being at the scene, whereas there’s a visual presence of authority that helps keep people safe. Next comes verbal instructions, where security guards use their voices to give verbal commands to people. Thirdly, there’s empty-hand submission techniques, where a guard can use their hands on people in a way that has a low probability of causing injury. Examples of this include joint manipulation techniques, applying pressure to pressure points, and using hand-cuffs. The fourth use of force level is hard control techniques. These include kicks, punches, stuns and use of aerosol sprays such as pepper spray. Next, there’s the intermediate weapons stage, whereas the amount of force could cause injury. This stage could involve Tasers, batons or mace, for example. Finally, there’s lethal force, which can cause bodily injury or death. This is typically when an armed security guard pulls out their gun and shoots the resisting subject to keep everyone safe.  

With use of force, there’s the idea of how subjects are classified in order to determine how much use of force is needed. For instance, maybe they’re passive compliant, whereas they notice the guard and follow their verbal commands. Maybe they’re passive resistors, active resistors, or active aggressors. Depending on how they act, the guard has to respond accordingly.

Do you want to learn more about the use of force? Security Training Center of Chicago offers a Use of Force & Arrest Procedures class. Security Training Center actually has several classes that professional security guards take– check them out, here. And for more information, please call 773-445-4413.

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