What is a Gambling Surveillance Officer?

If you’ve ever been to a casino, you know that gamblers are being watched to make sure they’re not trying to cheat the system or stealing money they did not win. There could be one-way mirrors above the casino floor, cashier’s cage and front desk, equipped with surveillance “CCTV” cameras, which, in turn, are monitored by professionals looking for anything suspicious.

Did you know that there are gaming/gambling surveillance officers who do the job of monitoring what’s going on in a casino? They’re the security officers who observe business operations, making sure that workers adhere to all state gaming regulations and company policies and procedures, while also watching patrons to make sure they’re not cheating or stealing. A gaming surveillance officer may patrol a property on foot (in person) or be in a room watching monitors to spot unusual activities. They help protect a casino against theft, vandalism and illegal activity.

In addition to enforcing laws and monitoring cameras, gaming surveillance officers may have other duties on their shift which require various skills. For instance, they might need to respond to emergencies, detain violators, write reports of what they’ve observed, and/or conduct security checks in certain areas. Meanwhile, they might also need to control building access for both patrons and workers.  In some cases, they may need to call local police or the fire department to assist with certain situations at the casino/on the property.

If you’re the type of person who likes sitting down and watching monitors for long periods of time, keep in mind that gaming surveillance officers spend much of their time doing just that– so it might be a good career choice for you. With more and more states legalizing gaming/gambling, there’s an increasing need for this type of job! Want to train to become one? Call Security Training Center of Chicago at 773-445-4413 to learn about foundational classes we provide for security professionals.

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