What is Work Like as a Security Guard?

What can you expect when working as a security guard?

If you work with the public, in-person, you’ll likely either work at a door, desk or station or patrol an area on foot or in some sort of vehicle, like a car or golf cart. You’ll interact with all sorts of people. You might be asked to screen and greet visitors, and ensure that only authorized people get into a building or event. Sometimes you could be asked to help with crowd control, including directing traffic and/or supervising parking lots. Or, if you’re not interested in interacting with the public, your guard duties could include remote surveillance, where you monitor security cameras to watch for anything unusual or illegal.

In general, guards are often asked to protect valuables and/or important people who need protection from potential threats. Guards typically enforce rules. They may stand on their feet for long periods of time and/or work odd hours. They might even need to detain criminals, and/or call for police back-up, if and when dangerous situations arise.

Communication skills are needed if you’re going to be a security guard. You’ll not only have to speak to others, but also listen, and document daily activities, whether it’s in a notebook or on a computer. Good guards “think on the spot” using common sense. They’re also adaptable, handling different surroundings and conditions as needed. And learning plays a role, too– guards often learn about new devices and systems during their careers. They may take training classes at places like Security Training Center of Chicago.

Are you currently a security guard and ready for some more training? Or are you thinking about becoming a security guard and want to learn the basics, and more? Call Security Training Center of Chicago, IL, at 773-445-4413 to ask about upcoming classes. The Center is located at 10922 S. Western Avenue in Chicago.

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