What Kind of Background Checks Can Guards Expect From Security Companies?

Are you thinking of applying to work at/for a security company? What kind of background checks can guards expect? Well, checks depend on the type of guard job you’ve applied for, but there are some basics…

If and when you want to be a security guard, your background will be checked. You will have fingerprints taken and whether or not you have a criminal record will be discovered. Some jobs require no criminal record “at all,” while others might be lenient, depending on the charges against you. Meanwhile, you’ll be asked for references– these people will be asked questions about you, to help get an idea of your character, demeanor, etc. And your overall physical health will be checked. Guards need to be in good physical health in order to do their jobs properly.

Keep in mind that a person’s background will be more investigated depending on the type of guard they want to be– someone who works security at a nightclub wouldn’t be as investigated as someone who’d be working at a bank, for instance. If and when you plan to work around money, those who hire you want to make sure you’re not going to try and steal that money; You have to be a trustworthy individual if you’re going to work security.

Did you know Security Training Center employs licensed fingerprint technicians? They’ve been approved by the Illinois State Police and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. So, if you apply to be a security guard somewhere in the vicinity, you might end up at Security Training Center where you’d be fingerprinted!

Chicago’s Security Training Center can help a person begin their career in professional security. You can take armed security training classes and get certified to be a professional security guard in Chicago. Companies in the Chicago area contact Security Training Center when they’re looking to hire guards.

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