What Makes a Good Security Training Instructor?

If you’re going to learn something, then you want a good trainer or instructor, right? This is true for many things, including working out at the gym, learning a skill or trade, as well as training to become a security officer.

What makes a good training instructor?

First and foremost, a good instructor knows their industry and can cover a variety of topics in a manner which students comprehend. For instance, a trainer/instructor should know about what is currently happening, trend-wise, in their industry. What’s new? What’s the latest thing people are dealing with? Also, they need to know industry concepts and best practices. They need to know “the rules,” and impart those rules to their students.

Besides expert knowledge, good training instructors are good communicators. They not only speak well, but listen well, too. This is effective communication, whereas two parties “get” each other. Of course students have different learning styles, so a good instructor can tailor a class to meet specific needs. Basically, the instructor has a message. Is that message received by those who see or hear it? Furthermore, is that message fully understood? Good communication is a key thing when it comes to instructing students.

Finally, an instructor can have knowledge and good communication skills, but also needs to be flexible and think creatively if they’re to be a good training instructor. Life always throws curveballs at people. Therefore, sometimes an approach to teaching needs to be adjusted in order for students to “get it.” Sometimes a class already knows the material, so it might not make sense to rehash it and have them annoyed or bored. Just like with most jobs, flexibility is important.

The Security Training Center has good training instructors. If you were thinking of taking armed/unarmed security training courses in the Chicago area, call 773-445-4413 to ask about classes. You can also register online for classes, here.

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