What Should Security Guards Carry On Their Person?

What should security guards carry on their person? To be best prepared for anything that could happen, there are some essentials. Oftentimes, most items are attached to a duty belt around the guard’s waist. What are some of those items?

First, it’s a good idea for a security guard to carry a flashlight– even on the day shift. Guards may find themselves in dark areas for whatever reason, and they need to shine some light there. Heavy duty/metal flashlights that hold their charge work well for this purpose. Also, a flashlight may be used as a weapon if necessary.

Next, guards should carry a baton on their person. A side-handle model such as the Monadnock PR-24 Control baton is an essential. A baton can be used for close-quarter confrontations, keeping people at a distance or acting as a weapon for self-defense. Guards should be properly trained if they intend to carry a baton and use it.

What about pepper spray? This is an aerosol that can be sprayed at an attacker. It makes their eyes tear up and burn, which temporarily slows them down because they experience temporary blindness with difficulty breathing and some pain. Pepper spray comes in foam, gel, stream and/or fog types, and guards need to be trained how and when to use it.

In the old days, notepads were a big deal, and while it’s still good for a guard to have one, what’s more important in the digital age is a digital camera. Security guards can use cameras to document things including incidents, injuries and property damage. Photos and videos can be used in court.

Guards should carry a mobile phone and/or radio. This helps them stay in contact with others, including supervisors and fellow guards. They can also use their communication device(s) to call for back-up and/or call the cops or fire department.

What are some other things guards might have on their person? They might have handcuffs, a knife and/or a gun.

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