What Will Security Training Classes do For Your Career?

You could buy a shirt at a store that says the word “Security” on the back of it. Then you could help out a friend by standing around at their event looking mean and strong, but when problems arise, would you truly know what to do? Probably not, because you didn’t get trained to be a security guard– you were just acting like one to help a friend.

If you’re going to be a serious, professional security guard, then security guard training is essential for your career. When you’re trained, you learn a lot of stuff that ultimately helps you do your job properly and do your job well.


For starters, there are legal standards to learn– when can you use force? Can you take suspects into custody– put handcuffs on them? What’s legal? What’s illegal? You have to learn rules, as well as legal rights and responsibilities.

Increased Confidence

Want to build your confidence? Then security training will do that, as you not only learn in a classroom but also on-the-job giving you confidence as you accomplish various tasks, learn new skills, and put into practice that which you learned.

Better Awareness

It’s important to be fully aware of security threats, and training will help you do just that– training helps you detect danger, spotting threats in a crowd, etc. You’ll begin to notice unusual people or things around you, and then be equipped to handle them and their actions.

Latest Trends

Technology changes with the times, so if you’re getting current training, you’re learning about current tech. If it has been some years since you last took training classes, things have changed! Meanwhile, guards need to be up-to-date with security technologies. This is just how it is.

Security Training Center in Chicago, IL

When you further your training as a person who works in the security field, you open doors to new job prospects while also improving your overall skills.

In the Chicago area, you can take classes at The Security Training Center– call 773-445-4413 for more information.

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