When Should a Security Guard Use Handcuffs?

Are handcuffs a police officer thing, or do security guards use them, too? When is it okay for a security guard to handcuff a person? These are good questions.

Not all security guards carry or use handcuffs, but some do. If and when they do have handcuffs, they’d choose to use them in order to detain a person so that the police can deal with them. They’d also use handcuffs to put an out-of-control person under control. Keep in mind handcuffs aren’t the first thing security guards reach for in most situations– they’re more often used only in the most severe situations. It’s almost always preferable for a guard to use other means to resolve tense situations.

Different states have different laws when it comes to things like security guards using handcuffs. In most cases, guards must complete special training and licensing requirements before they’re allowed to be armed and/or use handcuffs. There are certain protocols that a guard is expected to follow, and they should only use handcuffs if there’s a reasonable purpose in doing so. In other words, they can’t just handcuff a person for no good reason.

When might a security guard use handcuffs? A good example would be this: an individual is suspected of carrying a weapon on their person and they’re planning to harm people in their vicinity. This would be a justifiable reason for a guard to use handcuffs.

The Security Training Center of Chicago actually has a class that covers “handcuffing, baton & OC/pepper spray.” It’s a four hour class that’s typically offered on certain Saturdays from 9am to 1pm and upon successful completion, participants get three certificates. Go to this page for details.

If you have questions about training classes for security guards, please call The Security Training Center at 773-445-4413 or use the online contact form, here. The Center is located at 10922 S. Western Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60643.

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