Why Employers Want Certified Security Professionals

You could hire your burly brother to stand outside your business and look tough and official and pretend to be your professional security guard. But without any training or certifications, if there was a major problem, would he know how to professionally handle the situation? Probably not. That’s why it’s so important to hire certified and well-trained security professionals. They take the time to learn all about their job so they know how to handle all sorts of situations they might encounter. They have to take tests to make sure they know and understand the various ins-and-outs of the job of keeping people and property safe from harm.

Just like with most jobs, proper training improves one’s credentials and credibility. It’s what helps separate the professionals from the amateurs. 

Employers generally want certified and trained security professionals for several reasons. This can save them money– incidents can be prevented and/or their liability profile can be minimized. This can also help them keep up with industry trends, technology and concepts. There’s a lot to the job!

What are some of the topics covered when training is involved for security officers? Well, they learn about crime scenes, emergency procedures, physical fitness, use of force, workplace violence, traffic/crowd control, legal matters, and report writing, among other things. Most people just assume guards stand around all day and don’t do anything… but the reality is that there’s a lot more to the job than the average person realizes. In fact, other topics covered may include dealing with hazardous materials, fire prevention, strikes/labor relations, bomb threats, ethics, surveillance, and more. 

So, who would you want guarding your business or property? Someone with no training or certifications? Nope! You’d choose the educated and experienced security officer.

In the Chicago area, Security Training Center is where armed security (re)certification classes are taught regularly. Please call 773-445-4413 for more info. 

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