Why Employers Want Highly Trained Security Guards

Why would an employer want to hire highly trained security guards? Guards are usually very public– they’re seen by everybody. Their purpose is to make people feel safe and comfortable. Obviously, an employer wants professional, highly trained security guards representing their business or organization– putting their “best foot forward.”

What kind of guards are highly trained? They will have gone through background checks, carry a “valid guard card” indicating they’ve been trained, and they’ll be well versed in things like first aid and CPR in case of an emergency. Employers should always ask to see (and verify) evidence of a guard’s training and/or certifications.

What about good communication skills? Guards need to observe and report. Therefore, they need to be excellent communicators with an eye for detail. Highly trained guards are those who can express themselves clearly, both verbally and in written form. After all, they typically must put their experience into words when typing up reports. Even though security work can get boring at times, highly trained guards have sharp minds that they keep occupied and focused on the task at hand. If they’re wearing uniforms, they shouldn’t be sloppy– they should have a clean uniform that shows they take pride in their appearance and their job.

Physical fitness is an important part of the job of a security guard. Whether it’s walking patrol routes or interacting with all types of people (short, tall, small, large, etc.) the job involves a lot of physical movement. Guards don’t have to be bodybuilders or Olympic athletes, but they should take their fitness somewhat seriously. Would you rather hire a guard who trains at the local gym or one who doesn’t? Obviously, physical training is important.

Finally, highly trained guards can work well in teams if needed. They should have developed some leadership skills thanks to their training, so they can take charge when it’s appropriate, especially in emergency situations. Good guards get along well with others and can take a team approach to getting the job done.

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