Why Fingerprint Screening Should Be a Part of Your Background Checks

In today’s workforce, no matter what the industry, background checks and/or screenings are the norm. When new applicants want to be hired, they typically have to be checked out by their potential employer to find out if they have a “bad record,” which could include all sorts of “red flags” that make them the kind of candidate an employer would want to avoid hiring– everything from drug use to a criminal record cause employers to think twice.

In some industries, fingerprinting might actually be the law. Some companies are required, by law, to fingerprint all job candidates before making a job offer. For example, the banking and healthcare industries require fingerprinting by law.

Fingerprint screening is one way to truly know who a person is and to find out what they might have done in their past, since fingerprint records are kept by various entities. And fingerprints are unique to each person; plus, they don’t/can’t change over time. Fingerprint background checks offer two advantages over source-based screening:

1) With fingerprint background checks, you know for sure that the record really, truly belongs to the person whose fingerprints were submitted.

2) you can monitor a person for subsequent arrests or convictions that would allow notification of an arrest within a day.

Fingerprinting is often done in conjunction with other things, such as a criminal records search, drug testing, ID verification, etc. Some people who can expect fingerprinting in their lives include commercial vehicle drivers, state employees, government officials and physicians.

In Illinois, Security Training Center offers fingerprinting services. In particular, we see a lot of private security personnel and individuals seeking concealed carry permits utilizing our services. We employ licensed fingerprint technicians who have been approved by the Illinois State Police and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Our live scan machine at Security Training Center has been approved by the Illinois State Police. The machine allows for fingerprinting to be done quickly and efficiently.

To schedule an appointment, call Security Training Center at 773-445-4413. We’re open Monday through Friday and we’re located at 10922 S. Western Ave. in Chicago. Security Training Center is part of LawDog Security and offers classes for Illinois concealed carry, as well as shotguns/rifles and more.

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